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Please view the Press and Media page for a complete listing of Ithaca HOURS, Inc. press as well as the latest news and multimedia about Ithaca HOURS.

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Bringing Ithaca HOURS into
Your Everyday Life

So, who accepts HOURS? Well, everyone in the directory that is available here online. All the basics are here: food, shelter, health care, legal services. The finer things in life are present: art galleries, restaurants, instruction in just about everything, body work. And the kinds of things you might expect to find in Ithaca are here: meteorites, manure, and meditation. This directory is essentially the yellow pages, except that you can get to know the owners of all these businesses, not just the employees, because they all live and work here, just like you do.
         -Bill Chaisson,
         2005 Ithaca HOURS Directory

  Ithaca Hours, Inc.
Ithaca, New York

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